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    monica vitti

  2. Sensual  

  4. "You can catch me at the Expo, Jacob Jav Knocking Jigga out the Navigator, layin back, I stay in that me fallin off ? Imagine that, it’s not the case I’m sitting on top of the world like Brandy and Mase."


  5. "Wherever I go, I meet myself."
    — Tozan (via singingovertheboness)

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  7. "I’m one of those people that you have to keep your eye on or I’ll wander off into the woods and forget to come back."
    — Jack White (via funeral)

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  8. sittingintheclouds:

    so confident in my feelings

  9. hipporacle:

    Not sure if I ever posted the kitty shirt I made a while back…

    Oh, Fox you’ve gotta make me one too !

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  12. Freedom comes when you learn to let go, Creation comes when you learn to say no.
    Walk away.


  13. "Dont remove the kinks from your hair. Remove them from your brain."
    — Marcus Garvey (via feedmerevolution)

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  15. Brooke Shields being me.